Park Guides

  • Memorial to Rittenhouse

    The hidden history of Montrose Park

    Montrose Park is an unassuming neighborhood park nestled among the historic mansions of Georgetown Heights. However, this park is more than just a gorgeous green space and recreation center. The park holds the…

  • Walking into georgetown waterfront park

    Park Spotlight: Georgetown Waterfront Park

    A thriving port city, a center of industry, and now a popular park. Georgetown Waterfront Park provides an excellent spot for recreation in addition to preserving the unique waterfront history of Georgetown.  A…

  • Fort Totten Park sign with park in background

    Park Spotlight: Fort Totten Park

    History, picnic tables, hiking trails, and metro accessibility! What else do you need in an urban park? I hadn’t been to Fort Totten park before but I’d heard about it for a while,…